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Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug!

Gordon and I have made it through the treacherous caves, and are now enjoying the comforts of a makeshift outpost deep within the mines. The outpost boasts some familiar and welcomed comforts of society: Wifi, food, ammunition, and supplies.

But most importantly, the Vortigaunt has made it here safe and sound with my beautiful Alyx. He's been keeping her alive with his green glowing hands, bless his soul. I spent many moments just looking at her beautiful face, so calm and peaceful despite her condition. I thought about what our children would look like, if she knew how I truly loved her, and if she really could love an ugly gnome with a hard life. The Doctor offered a few kind words and a pat on the back. He's a good friend.

Our two new human friends were very respectful of our situation, but warned us of an imminent attack on the outpost. It seems several antlion workers were grouping for a rush on the outpost, and our defenses were meager. Having little more than 4 firearms between them and their turrets, our barging in on their little cave dwelling was good fortune for them. Now they had true warriors on their side. Dr. Freeman and I agreed to help defend their base, along with my beloved Alyx.

The antlion are a fearsome bunch, full of hunger and determination. I admire their dedication, despite it being our damnation. The antlion fought for the better part of an hour. Luckily, between the four of us and the turrets, we were able to cover the 4 holes as their indication lights sounded. Freeman was a little absent from the battle, however. It appears that he has not lost his scientific nature, and decided that taking photographs would better help our situation than actually defeating the beasts along with us. In either case, we've got quite a few battle scenes captured on film:

Just as we thought the beasts would overtake us (I would've defended my love to the death!) we were saved by 3 more of the strange alien Vortigaunts. Their battle prowess is impressive to even a hardened warrior as myself.

Our saviors didn't stop at the defeating of our attackers. They immediately grouped their powers together and assisted in the healing of Alyx. After deliberation, they decided that her wounds were too severe, and that they would need a sort of extract from the bowls of the antlion colony. Without hesitation, Gordon and I volunteered to retrieve the extract. Along with one of the Vortigaunts, we are setting out for course as soon as I finish this entry. Wish us luck.


S said...

xD This reminds me SO much of Amelie. (Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain)

Jelle said...

Epic! Please continue your stories, can't wait to see what things will happen!

Secone said...

Why haven't you added any new entries :( I keep checking everyday for a new entry but nothing. Please continue!

Trey Gnome said...

Apologies, my friend. My stories will continue in due time.

Secone said...

Ah! There you are, I was just hoping for confirmation that you were going to continue this, didn't want this to die out or anything.

I guess you're too busy fighting antlions and whatnot :P

Zach said...

Please do continue detailing your adventures!

Tod said...

I agree! more gnome!

Terry said...

Come on, update, my dear gnome. I know you are busy fighting antlions and what not but I want to know what is happening. For all I know you could be dead. Why do you only have time to comment on your own post but not update?

A Concerned Reader

Secone said...

I can only fear the worst. It feels like ages since an update. Every time I check I pray to see something new and then get giddy with joy. But alas, nothing.

Trey Gnome said...

Apologies! It seems the signal from our base has a delayed time, and will be updating shortly! Please stay tuned!